Livin Tavira was born from the demand for high quality living and the need for a superior experience to understand and satisfy the clients needs in their future homes.


We are a company of motivated people with diferent backgrounds that are eager to set the diference in residential development and customer care.









Develop quality residential projects in established urban areas for permanent, secondary and investment housing, with adequate offer for both national and international market.


We focus on privileged locations where we can leave our mark in the local urbanism through innovative design projects, high quality construction, good interior areas and smart layouts, generous outdoor spaces and expansive views, respecting and studying the local demand and needs, both for present and future.


In order to give our clients the best experience, we allow customization of fnishes within technical and legal parameters. With our own engineering and project managing team we have the capability to ensure a high quality product and service. Since ou sales are done in plan or during the construction, and many of our clients are foreigners and cannot visit the construction site often, communication is key. We privilege a strong and frequent channel of communication so clients feel supported and involved in the construction progress.




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